about us

The Tehran Fiction Writers’ Trade Union is the first independent and official organization of novelists in Iran, which after nearly two years of follow-up in December 2017 under the supervision of the Ministry of Cooperatives; Labor and social welfare were registered in Iran.

In 1399, according to the decision of the associations of creators of works of art, with the change of residence in Tehran to the whole of Iran, it became the Association of Iranian Storytellers, all members of which are novelists living and working in Iran, and at least two adult fiction books. Or novel) have been published. The association is registered as a non-profit organization (NPOA) as well as a public benefit organization (NPOA) and operates solely on the basis of receiving membership fees and collecting donations from members.

The association was established with the aim of bringing together Iranian professional novelists and empowering them with union support such as legal services, insurance, free education, contract representation, retirement plan, welfare fund, international introduction of Iranian authors and books, etc.

The Storytellers’ Association is also determined to pursue key issues of Iranian storytellers, such as copyright and censorship, and to help address existing issues.