Madness of the Gods

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Madness of the Gods – Third Edition – Amir Khodaverdi

“First, tell me what you saw so that I can show what I wrote.”

“Madness of the Gods” is the latest work of “Amir Khodaverdi”. He has previously been able to establish and establish his literary position as a novelist with two novels, “Aloot” (the award-winning novel of the “Ahmad Mahmoud” Literary Award) and “Amen I Bring” (selected as the third best novel of the “Ishraq” National Festival). .

“Madness of the Gods” has a pristine theme in its storytelling. The story is about a disease. An emerging disease that appears to be a consequence of war. A kind of mental illness that was first identified in Seattle, USA, and the Armenians somehow spread it in Azerbaijan! A patient with Seattle loses everything. Everything that matters to him will certainly be lost and will not be found until he seeks it. However, these are not all epidemic adventures, and there is a psychological link between illness and war:

“According to the information provided to the Security Service by Russia, during the Cold War years, Russia carried out a large-scale operation in the field of espionage and physical and psychological influence, and now Armenia is using those achievements.”

And it has images that, apart from being at the service of the story, are sensory and tangible:

“Chicken became even more expensive. The president dressed in military uniform and conducted an interview at the lunch table with army officers. He asked people not to eat chicken all the time so that the price of chicken would be real. “It was a barbecue lunch and the officers were craving a bite in their mouths, but the image of the president was not spread while eating meat, the chicken became more expensive.”

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